5 Money Saving Shopping Hacks That Can Save You Bucks


When You are shopping or planning to shop then you should always consider the hack or tactics in the mind. Which can save you a lot of money. We are going to explain to you a few points here in this article and you can take some consideration about the points, which surely will help you in the future. 

 Shopping Hacks and tricks

Ask for a discount On live chat 

When you are searching for something to shop for or either you looking for something specific. The first thing you should do is to finalize the product. Then you should always go on the live chat and ask for some discount on that product. This actually works. When customers come and ask for a discount from us like this. We always think of customers to take onboard. That's how the most company thinks, so just like us other company also believe in giving a discount on customer request. Next time when you are shopping, keep this in mind and don't forget the ask for a discount and if you do get the discount. Then don't forget to thank us. 

 Shopping Hacks and tricks, Abandoned Cart Trick

Keep an eye on the brand 

Shopping's outcome is more of temporarily but sometimes you pay a very handsome amount on that. We will explain what we mean here. We simply meant when you shop something then that product is not permanent in your life but you wear that product for a period and you invest a pretty good amount in that. When you shop for something now just keep this in mind and stalk a brand. What will happen is this, you will notice slight or bigger changes in the prices. A brand always likes to give a discount to their regular customers. They keep changing the price at the night or on specific days. If you will keep this point in mind then you will get the product at a better price. 

 Shopping Hacks and tricks, Brand Stalking Hack

Leave the product in your cart or abandon the cart

If you understand Email marketing then you probably know the answer to this. Why this is useful and can get you a better deal. What happens when you leave something in your cart that means it tells the store or website owner that someone has abandoned their cart. Now every good company has the campaign to recover that particular abandoned cart. How they recover the cart or win back the customer by giving some extra discount. Try it next and you can Thank Us later. If you are not able to get the discount from anywhere else. You can do that in our store. :D

 Online Shopping hack - Abandoned cart trick

Order from the same brand, store, seller

There is always a reward for the loyal ones. No matter where you are in life, loyal ones will always get the reward. The same thing happens in this industry. If you are loyal to a brand then that brand probably knows that. How they know is because they have under the tags filter. All brands give an exclusive discount to their customer so that they can buy from them again, and their relationship stays that way. This is how this works.

Shopping hacks - Loyal Customer of a brand 

Always Subscribe to email or newsletter

This point is very important because this will explain or justify the above-mentioned points. When you were reading the above hacks, did you ask yourself how would you get the discount codes? if not then it's okay too. We are here to explain. When you subscribe to the newsletter you are leaving them your email. That's how you get discount codes, coupons. The brand connects with you on your email ID. There is jargon automation in email marketing. You will get automatic emails of discounts on your email ID, and that's how you can save a lot of money. You can also signup for our newsletter.


 Shopping Hacks and tricks, Sign Up for Email Clark Smith


These were the 5 hacks and we wanted to share these with you. You can keep these points in your mind and try these when you shop next time online. We have our brand Clark Smith, we have told you these hack from our brand's internal management, have faith in guys all these points are absolutely true. If you apply these hacks next time you shop you will get a discount for sure. At least in our store you will get a discount, Check out our store Clark Smith , if you like something and wanted to purchase that let us know about that, we will see what can we provide you the best.