Clark Smith


Clark Smith is a clothing brand based in Delhi. We mostly deal in Men’s and Women’s top wear as of now. Mainly half Sleeves T-shirt, full sleeves T-shirt, Women Crop top, Men vest or sando, women Night suits. Clark Smith will be expanding in the future for sure, it is just a matter of time. You will see this brand everywhere in the next 5 years.



Clark Smith Brand Widowork White sense Pvt Ltd


Where did this inspiration of name was taken? 


The goal of the founders was to give the brand an international touch. Their plan is to expand overseas in the future and in India, they want to create an Indian brand that can put other brands out of the race. Keeping such points in mind, founders came up with three names - Callum Parker, Lvisto, and Clark smith. They did the surveys over social media. It was a close call between Callum and Clark but Clark won. That's how Clark Smith name was picked. 


What is the mission of Clark Smith?


The mission of Clark smith is to promote Domestic goods over the preference of international goods. Clark Smith is aiming to provide quality material at Indian standard price and having an image of the brand that people would be proud to wear. 

Clark Smith does not promote the wastage policy of fabric and doing the pollution in the environment. Our main goal is not to waste any clothing martial. We work on an on-demand modal, which simply means we work according to the need of our customers. We only make the clothing that our customer wants. All brands can do that but for that one needs proper management and very reliable sources. This is the model of the future. We and many other brands already working on that.

What happens when a sale ends and clothing that loses its touch of shine which makes it look more good, then those clothes become the garbage


Dumped Clothing garbage causing Environmental Damage


Recently, Guardian posted a few photos showing 39000 tons of fashion discarded clothes dumped in the Atacama desert. This causes serious damage to the environment and our mother nature suffers a lot because of these kinds of inhumane actions. We are highly against it and we do not appreciate it. 


Who is the founder and owner of Clark Smith?


The Founder of Clark Smith is Prasant Sirohi. He is a Delhi-based entrepreneur. He is the managing director of White Sense Pvt Ltd. Prashant Sirohi has expertise in business development, growth strategy, and marketing and Lil bit of knowledge of other fields. White sense has two businesses under it and one is Clark Smith and Another one is Widowork. Widowork is a B2B professional service providing a platform for professionals who are seeking professional services. He is also the founder of that. He is graduated from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University in Delhi. He did his graduation in Journalism and mass communication. We have been told by him that he always admired getting the knowledge of multiple fields, which he got in his college days from the college education. He always wanted to own something that can show his potential to the world, he is planning to do something big in his other startup Widowork. We have been told, his dream is to get published in Forbes for his startups and work. He also told us he always wanted people to know him for his work. 


Prashant Sirohi Founder- owner- CEO of Clark Smith - White Sense Pvt Ltd - Widowork