Ultimate Guide For Starting Your Own T-Shirt Merch Business

T-shirts Business Ultimate Guide


The T-shirt business is in trend. Every second influencer or businessman has their own merch and selling it on different platforms. This article is all about how you can start something of your own. We will be guiding you step by step. How you can start the T-shirt business if you are planning to start one. The probability is very high if you have found this article you might be interested in the T-shirt business, so we shall be guiding you. Follow these steps and you will be good to go.

Make Up Your Mind


Think - Make Up Your Mind - Ultimate guide for T-shirt Business

First thing always start when you think. Then first you have to do is get your head straight and think about the business and visualize what you want with it. You have to think about why you want to do it and how will you do it. Basically, you should have a virtual blueprint at this point of the business. You should be convinced about the idea and why are you doing it. 

Let us explain a point to you. This business is the future. In upcoming days every celebrity or micro-celebrities and businessman will have their own merch. Especially YouTubers, and even as of now mostly Youtubers have their own merch. If you are planning to start your own too you can too, because this is a very vast market and demand is very high. If you can work properly on the branding then you can do very well in this. 

Find Sources For Fabric or T-shirts

Sources For T-shirts and Fabric


This point is very important because this will lead your business towards a good point. Now you have three options at this stage and you have to decide on your own how would like to do it. We will discuss all three options and then you can choose which will suit you more. 

The first option is that you make everything on your own, which means you find a factory or a dealer who can manufacture T-shirts as per your need. Most fabric comes from Bangladesh or either from Jalandhar or our southern states. You can find any manufacturer who can make T-shirts as per your need you get all work done there. It will cost you less but this will be time-consuming and you will need a proper team for this, who can manage this for you. This option will be a one-time investment.

The second option that you have, will cost you less but more than the first option. This one needs one time a small chunk of money involved and then it will need the money on the time of processing of the order. In this, you will need to buy the plain T-shirts from a wholesaler or manufacturer. This is the part where you need to put your money in small chunk in one time. Then later you will have the stock of your own and when the order will come then you will process that order and a small amount will be spend on the processing of order. The first option will be costing you less but that is leaving the risk of damage cost. If your stock is not clear in time and it stayed there for a time then the fabric will lose its shine and it won’t be good to sell. 

This option also has this drawback but on the small side. See when you have already got your T-shirts Printed or manufactured. Then you have no other options just to sell particularly those T-shirts, but when you choose the second option. This gives you a few folded cards in your pocket which you can unfold later. You have the option not to be bounded on few designs. If your T-shirts are not sold out on time then you can even sell out those plain T-shirts in corporate works. They always need someone to provide them with plain T-shirts. Now you are the best judge of your situation. You have to know what is better for you, but wait. Do not make the judgment this early. Let’s discuss the third point. 

The third point has similarities with the second point but this has a very big difference which makes it very convenient for a few people. You have to make sure are you one of them. Here in this, you don’t have to invest initially anything which is very good. This will leave you at zero damage cost.  All you have to do in this is you have to find someone who has a second option which means that person has blank T-shirts in bulk. This process is called Drop shipping and it’s very trendy. Someone else has the stock for you and when the order comes you send the order to that person. Then that person manages that order for you and your customer. Here you have to expend more but this has zero damage cost. 

Now you decide your source. What we are sharing with you is practical knowledge and actual market knowledge. We wish we knew it when we started our business. If you need a third option we can be your reliable source. 

Create Designs

T-shirts Designs - Guide For T-shirt Business


Now the next thing you have to work on is designs. You have two designs options. You need to hire a graphic designer and you need some catchy and unique designs for your merch. The designs have to be very catchy and unique, for that you will need professional graphic designer. You need to decide what kind of designs you want for your merch. The second option you have is you can buy the license to use someone else's design or you can use designs those does not have copyright on them. This way you will have designs that you want to be printed on the T-shirt. For the second and third options, that we discussed above you can ask your designer to make a mockup of the designs. You can upload these mockups on your store.

Setup Your Store 


Store Design - T-shirt business ideads


You will need a professional team who can design an E-commerce store for you. If your budget is good then you can hire an expert who will design a custom store for you. All the features will be according to you. This will cost you at least 1 lacs for an avg store, but we are sure no one wants an avg website. If you want the best then you will have to spend a lot of money. The budget issue should not be here in case you want the website with all features. There is one other option for you if your budget is tight. You can opt for the Shopify store. You just have to pay $29 per month and it can save you a lot of money in the starting. That money you can use in your business instead. You can contact widowork for any of the services. They are very professional. 

You will need someone who can customize and optimize your store for search engines. 

Advertise Your Business 

advertisement - Guide For T-shirt Business


Now you have your store and the product mocks are uploaded there. You will need customers now. To get the customer you need a proper plan of action. Your plan of action will consist branding, reputation management, marketing, and advertising. You really need to work hard on this step. If this step is not done right, you won’t do much business for sure. You need to run continuous ads on google ads and Facebook ads. Try to get referrals from social media platforms and from your known people. This is the best way to advertise your business. Other than that you need to focus on keep learning and implementing. 

These were the 5 steps to start your own T-shirt business. If you still feel you like to know something or you have any doubt. You can reach out to us at contact@clarkssmith.om. We will be happy to help. We have the experience of starting a brand. The procedure is well practiced by us you can get our help anytime.